Why Bitcoin is 'The Next Bitcoin'

Uncategorized Oct 06, 2019

Why Bitcoin is 'The Next Bitcoin'

Are you like me and occasionally wonder if some other coin will be better than bitcoin?

I am such a strong believer in bitcoin that I didn't buy Ethereum for $0.30.  


I didn't want to give up one bitcoin to purchase Ethereum.  

In fact, I didn't buy it at a $1.00 either--or when it fell to $0.80.

Fast forward 12-18 months, I didn't place my first buy order until Ethereum hit $15.  Then another buy order at $20.  Of course, I bought and sold along the way generating gains and losses.

Why did I wait to purchase Ethereum?  Maybe it could beat bitcoin.

In the below video, Andres mentions why Ethereum succeeded in the last several years.  Will it continue?

Will another small coin overtake bitcoin?

Meanwhile, bitcoin continues to forge ahead and maintain its market lead.

Listen why bitcoin is the next bitcoin.

- 101 Blockchain St

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